Active Bodies, Active Brains: A dance class - Sensory-FriendlyMay 18

Time: 11:00am

Class begins with a warm up in a circle to create a sense of unity. Children follow along in a warm up that includes stretching, grow motor movements, small motor movements, counting, oppositional words, imagination, and rhythms. The workshop is taught by Sonia Plumb, Artistic Director of Sonia Plumb Dance Company. A 5:1 student to teacher ratio provides support and guidance. Parents are invited to observe and participate.

This workshop is based on the specific needs of children on the Autism spectrum. The workshop is geared towards children ages 5-12.

Workshops are $5 per child. Limited space available, so to reserve your spot please call the Education department at (860) 987-6042.

About Sensory-Friendly Performances

SPECIAL NOTE: This event is a sensory-friendly event.
Sensory-friendly performances are designed to create a performing arts experience that is welcoming to all families and friends with children or adults who are diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder or other sensitivity issues.

Slight adjustments to the production are made and accommodations for these performances will include:
• Lower sound level, especially for startling or loud sounds;
• Lights remain on at a low level in the theater during the performance;
• A reduction of strobe lighting or lighting focused on the audience;
• Patrons are free to talk and leave their seats during the performance;
• Designated quiet areas within the theater lobby spaces, staffed with autism specialists;
• Space throughout the theater for standing and movement;
• Limited crowds and visitors at The Bushnell during the day and timing of the performance; and
• Bushnell staff and volunteers are trained to be inviting and accommodating to families' needs

Sensory-Friendly Services sponsored by:

1 hour
Autorino Great Hall