Bushnell South RFP

Thank you for your interest in bidding on the Master Planning and Real Estate Development Services for Bushnell South Area RFP.

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  • Update: The deadline has been extended to Friday, December 4. Electronic copies must be received by Friday, December 4. Hard copies and flash key with files must be postmarked no later than Friday, December 4. Please submit electronic file to dfay@bushnell.org.



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  • Is your RFP issued to a predetermined list of firms or is it open to all who may be interested in your project?

     > The RFP is open to all bidders interested in the project.

  • Can you share a detailed map of the study area, including exact parcels involved in this assignment?

     > There is no specific finalized map for the project area as properties may be added or subtracted going forward. Respondents should study the Bushnell South Site Maps posted above and the Suisman District Master Plan study (p7) to secure a basic knowledge of the area as these maps cover the likely total area to be assessed and eventually redeveloped. The eventual scope of work with the selected consultant will more precisely define the area of study.

  • What is the estimated budget for this assignment?

     > The Consortium has identified $150,000 for the budget for this exercise and may add scope and funding if necessary at a later date.

  • Will stakeholder engagement be a part of the study? If so, does the City intend to engage with select stakeholders or with the broader community? Additionally, will the City be leading this effort with assistance from the consultant or vice versa?

     > Yes, it is expected that there will be stakeholder engagement, primarily through the city and the NRZs. This will be coordinated by the city.

  • Are financial feasibility analyses of the various development programs expected to be in the scope?

     > There will not be a need to develop specific financial feasibility analysis, but some idea of overall construction/development costs for projected build outs will be part of the overall planning effort. Such numbers will be cross checked by CRDA, the City and Spinnaker.

  • Should proposers assume virtual or in person client meetings for the project?

     > Initially, virtual meetings will be the norm.

  • It is a very exciting RFP and a bold vision. Given the holidays, we would like to request if there is any possibility for an extension to the deadline.

     > The deadline will be extended to Friday, December 4.

  • Are cost estimates for recommended improvements anticipated as part of the study?

     > General estimates of construction costs for proposed properties will be part of the overall planning. Such numbers will be cross checked by CRDA, the City and Spinnaker.

  • Should we investigate potential traffic improvements outside the project area that may be required?

     > No, not at this stage.

  • Is there an anticipated public outreach component?

     > Consultant with assistance from collaborative will reach out to stakeholders via virtual or other means. Respondent should consider at least one evening public hearing within their scope of work and pricing.

  • How much can/should we rely on previous studies to support this planning effort? Previous studies are meant to be informative but are not definitive. Are there any specific public policy goals viewed as critical to the success of this project area?

     > The primary public policy goals are to restore the connectivity of the downtown to the neighborhood, to improve the Capitol Avenue corridor and to enhance and compliment the Bushnell Theatre complex as well as Bushnell Park. It is important that the area be developed with both daytime and nighttime vitality. If it is just residential, the sidewalks will be rolled up at night except for The Bushnell.
     > It is important the development of the area expand the entertainment, food, and amenities to attract more people to the area and to better serve the entire region as well as the downtown dwellers. The development needs to create a new destination to enhance what The Bushnell has been trying to do for many decades.

  • Can the “Proposal” section be a collaborative effort between partners, or does it need to be written separately for each party?

     > Yes, as long as the delineation of responsibilities is clear.

  • Could reviewed or audited financial statements be provided after (or further into) the selection process?

     > Financial Statements should be included in proposal. The deadline is being extended to Friday, December 4 to accommodate this requirement.

  • How do you see this master plan effort building on or diverging from previous studies of the site, particularly in relation to the recent Suisman District Master Plan Study?

     > The previous studies are meant to be informative, but not definitive.

  • Would the preferred lead consultant for this effort be an architecture/planning firm or a real estate/market analyst consultant to better fulfill the Consortium's goals?

     > Planning and real estate knowledge are most critical at this time, architectural and market analysis disciplines would be supplemental for the current exercise.

  • If a firm wins the master plan project, are they excluded from competing for the second, building phase?

     > No, a firm that is successful in being awarded the planning assignment would not be excluded from possible architectural work in a future phase.

  • For the cost proposal, are you looking for a lump sum fee? A lump sum broken out by consultant? Or a lumpsum broken out by hours and consultants?

     > The final scope of services will be negotiated between the Consortium and the selected consultant. At that time, budgets will be established for specific tasks. Respondents should provide hourly rate for staff projected to be assigned to the project along with any standard overhead fees and reimbursable services and rates.

  • Are board members, employees and affiliates of the Bushnell, CRDA, State of Connecticut and the City of Hartford precluded from responding to this RFP?

     > Board members and employees of the consortium members are prohibited from responding to the RFP.