The Connecticut Forum's The State of Journalism & the NewsMarch 16

Who and what do we trust? How do we become smarter news consumers? What’s the future of journalism and the news media in our divided – and connected – world.

Featuring David Fahrenthold, Hugh Hewitt, and Joy Reid and moderated by John Dankosky, this timely Forum will explore some of the most pressing issues regarding journalism and the media, including:

  • Challenges to the freedom of the press
  • The relationship between the press and the presidency
  • The difficulty of sorting information in an age of information overload, 24-hour news cycles, Twitter and fake news
  • Media bias
  • The future of investigative journalism
  • The state of local journalism

Our diverse panel of experts will represent different political affiliations and perspectives from both traditional and new media outlets.

Hosted by Hartford Courant Media Group

William H. Mortensen Hall