Pretty Woman: The Musical at The Bushnell

The Bushnell's February 2 - 7, 2021 run of Pretty Woman: The Musical, part of the 2020-21 Bushnell Broadway Series, has been rescheduled for April 12 - 17, 2022.*

*Dates are subject to change. Any change will be communicated by email and all options regarding your seats, as outlined above, will remain available to you.

Broadway At A Glance

Rescheduled 2019-2020 Broadway Series Shows:

2020-2021 Broadway Series Shows:

Wicked | Cancelled
The Cher Show | Cancelled

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New Covid Ticketing Policies

Dear Friends,

These are challenging and unsettling weeks, and we hope the thought of gathering again with family and friends at a show (or seven) helps to sustain you and your family during this unprecedented time.

Happily, there is a future to look forward to, a community that will come together to celebrate the transformative and healing power of the performing arts. We hope our exciting 2020-21 Broadway season will energize and nurture your creative soul while you stay safe and healthy at home.

We appreciate that the current climate may create apprehension about making a year-long commitment today. We want to assure you that we’re committed to making your return to Broadway at The Bushnell an experience you can trust:

While The Bushnell staff is working remotely, it is preferable for us to securely process your renewal by credit card rather than by check. If a credit card payment is possible, we appreciate you using one.

We hope you’ll join us in our magnificent Mortensen Hall this September. We can’t wait to welcome you to The Bushnell!


I’ve already paid for the season. How do I get my money back now that The Cher Show and Wicked has been cancelled?

  • If you paid for your subscription by credit card, you will be automatically refunded the value of your tickets. If you paid for your subscription with cash, check, or gift card, the value of your tickets will be applied to an account credit that can be used for another purchase or you can contact us for refund options.

I’ve made a payment. How much do I owe now that The Cher Show and Wicked has been cancelled?

  • The balance due for your subscription will be reduced to reflect this change.

Will other shows in this season be cancelled?

  • We do not anticipate additional cancellations this season. If a show must cancel, postpone, or reschedule, we will work with you to refund or exchange your tickets.

What does it mean when a show is cancelled, postponed, or rescheduled?

  • Cancelled - shows that are cancelled are no longer scheduled to come to The Bushnell in Hartford.
  • Postponed - shows that ae postponed are working with us to secure new dates at a later date but do not have dates at this time.
  • Rescheduled - shows that are rescheduled have secured new dates with us.
  • For the most up to date notice of our shows, please view our show status page.

Is the box office open?

  • We are open but unable to offer in-person service at our 166 Capitol Ave box office location at this time. For fastest service, please fill out our contact us form.

I'm renewing - when will my seat placements happen?

  • Thank you for joining us for another season! If you are a full-season subscriber, you will automatically retain your seats from last season. If you’re unsure of your seats, they are listed on the invoice you’ll receive in the mail.

I'm renewing, but want to change my seat location or the day I attend.

  • Please make a note with your request on your renewal, as indicated on your invoice. You can even include a separate letter in your envelope along with your payment. We read everything you send us! Seat changes are made a bit later in the process. We have to wait until we know who is committed to renewing and who is releasing their seats, so that we know what seats we have available to offer you. Even if you know you cannot renew your package as-is (due to a day of the week conflict, etc.) please include payment along with your seat change request and invoice. We will know from your notes you want to switch and will be in touch to talk about options for your new day/desired seating section. We thank you in advance for your patience as this process necessarily takes some time.

How do I become a subscriber?

  • We look forward to having you join us for the 2020-21 season! To secure your spot, you will need to make a $100 deposit per seat.

I already know I can’t attend my subscription day for one of the 6 shows in my package. When can I exchange into a different performance of that same show?

  • Once you receive your full subscription packet in the mail, you can follow the instructions on the enclosed letter to return tickets to our box office for a single-show exchange.

How much does the full 6-show series package cost?

  • Packages start at $234 per ticket to lock in the same seat to all 6 shows in our coming season. Package prices differ by subscription day and seating locations - for a full list of price options, see our pricing scale. Please note that there is a $25.00 per-order fee, regardless of how many seats you purchase in your subscription.

I renewed my subscription online but want to request changes to my seats and/or day. How can I do that?

  • Seat and date changes cannot be made in the online renewal flow. However, when you renew online, you can follow up with your request one of these ways:
    - 1) Mark your physical invoice with “PAID ONLINE ALREADY” and send it in with the changes you’d like to make, as indicated on the invoice form.
    - 2) Send an email to with your first and last name, account number, phone number, that you’ve paid online already, and what changes you’d like for your 2020-21 subscription.
  • Note: We are currently not able to make changes at this point in the renewal process. We will contact you with available seating and day options in the spring/summer. We thank you in advance for your patience as this process necessarily takes some time.

Mini Subscriptions

Coming soon!

Mini Series packages will be available November 2, 2020.